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Our Team

Devoted. Experienced. Professional.


Dr. Ajit Sharma, BPT, MSPT, DPT
Cert. DN, Cert. Spinal Manip.
Dip. in Osteopractic
Level I TPI 

Dr. Ajit Sharma is a Physical Therapist with 15 years of experience in various settings. He graduated with a Master's in Physical therapy and post-professional DPT from Mass General Hospital. He is passionate about getting people better using evidence and value-based tools for long-lasting results. Throughout his Physical therapist career enjoyed many elevated clinical roles in various companies notably Master clinician orthopedics, senior clinical mentor, and APTA-certified clinical instructor. He recently trained at the American Academy of manipulative therapy and earned certifications in spinal manipulation and a diploma in osteopractic.


Dr. Shruti Sharma, BPT, MSPT, DPT
Certified Pelvic Health Specialist
Certified LVST-BIG/Loud

Partner/Physical Therapist

Dr. Shruti Sharma is an experienced clinician for over 15 years. She specializes in Orthopedic and Pelvic health. She graduated from MGH IHP with Masters in Physical therapy and Post-professional DPT. She was awarded many clinical accolades throughout her career with exceptional patient care outcomes. Her simplicity and passionate approach have won proven time and time again valuable for patient care. She is now a certified Pelvic Health specialist and LSVT trained. She enjoys Bollywood music and dancing in her leisure time.

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